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At Resumoz, we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to create an impressive resume that stands out in a competitive job market. Our platform provides a user-friendly and efficient solution to create a professional resume and cover letter from scratch. With Resumoz, you can generate a winning resume and cover letter quickly and effortlessly, helping you achieve your dream job. Our goal is to make recruiters take notice of your application and want to hire you.

Benefits of using Resumoz

Resume builder

Resumoz is the easiest resume builder to create a professional resume in a scratch. Pick your resume template. Fill the blanks with your details. Download your resume in PDF format.It's as simple as 1,2,3.

  • Get your resume in PDF
  • Easy online editor
  • Customize as you want
  • Powerful text editor
resumoz resume builder

Cover letter builder

Make your cover letter and resume using the same template to persuade your prospective employer to schedule a meeting with you. In just a few simple steps, you can create a professional cover letter.

  • Writing skills not required
  • Automated cover letter builder
  • Generate a cover letter within minutes
  • Eloquently hide your work gaps
resumoz cover letter builder

Beautiful templates

Pick professional and modern resume designs from the most creative resume template library on the internet. You can easily change the colors and layout as your personal preference. Furthermore, all of the resume templates are available for free download.

resumoz resume templates
expert advice

Expert advice

You no longer need to be concerned about how to make a winning resume. Our career expert panel explains every step of the job application process via our career blog. Each content is up-to-date and has been vetted by our in-house career experts. Throughout the resume creating process, you will be guided by resume tips and as a result, more job offers will come your way.

fast and easy to use

Fast and easy to use

Our resume maker can help you save time when making your resume. Simply choose a template, and our resume wizard will guide you through the process of filling out each section and writing job description bullet points in minutes.

ATS friendly

ATS friendly

Most of the time, an application tracking system (ATS) will scan your resume for keywords and parse them for the next stage of the recruiting process. If you use Resumoz to create your resume, you will receive a PDF that is readable by any ATS bot.



Most of the time, an application tracking system (ATS) will scan your resume for keywords and parse them for the next stage of the recruiting process. If you use Resumoz to create your resume, you will receive a PDF that is readable by any ATS bot.

You’ve got only 6 seconds..

According to recent research, recruiters and hiring managers spend only 6 seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether to hire an employee to their organizations. So, you need to stand out and impress them within that time, and Resumoz can help you with that.

Resume examples to get inspired

Search for resumes created by resume experts and get ideas for your own.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resumoz

Why use Resumoz?

It's a great convenience if we can create all our career tools under one roof. Also, if you are not a career specialist, creating your own career tools like your resume and cover letter is a daunting task. Resumoz resume tools have the ability to provide the right solution for all of that. With the step-by-step guidance and tips clearly given by our career experts, you can now easily create winning resumes and cover letters within a scratch.

Is it easy to build a resume with resumoz?

You will no longer make it difficult to create resumes and cover letters when you use our resume tools. Our step-by-step guidance will give you a guide on how to easily build a resume from where you started making the resume to where you finished it and downloaded it.

Do I need different resume versions for different job applications?

Yes. you'll need to update your resume to reflect your new relevant skills and experience. Depending on the job opening and the industry in which you are applying, you'll need to adjust your resume accordingly. Therefore, you must need to have multiple resume versions to apply for different jobs.

Which is the best resume template I should use in 2023?

It depends on the job you're applying for, the industry you're in, your experience, and the kind of the company you're applying to, etc. Furthermore, this is a matter of personal preference. However, beautifully designed resume templates are popular among job seekers. Though the resume templates we have are ATS compliant, they are not lacking in beauty or a professional appearance.

How long should a resume be in 2023?

One-page is the ideal resume length for students, recent college graduates, entry-level candidates, and professionals with less than ten years of work experience. But if the job you are applying for is a government job, academia job, or C-Suite level job, the optimal resume length can vary up to 2 or 3 pages. But a resume should never be longer than 3 pages for any reason.

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