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IT Project Manager Resume Writing Guide

If you are an IT Project Manager, you are like a captain of a ship! Yeah, that’s exactly what your job role reflects. The whole process of navigating the team towards one goal is in your hands.

Of course.. Scoping, budgeting, scheduling and resourcing IT projects must be your cup of tea. But, are you stuck at writing your own resume? If so, let’s head start writing a mind blowing  resume to land a rewarding IT Project Manager job.

Plan before you build!

Timing is a crucial factor for any IT project. The same applies to writing a good IT project manager resume. Always remember your resume has a maximum of 6 seconds to give a good first impression for hiring managers.

The key to this is understanding what recruiters expect from any IT Project Manager:


    Collaborating with members of multiple project teams


    Monitoring progress of each project on a regular basis.


    Time management.


    Risk assessment.


    Performing cost/benefit analysis.


    Communication and negotiation.


    Assigning the right resources to the right projects.


    Identifying and resolving any blockers in project completion.

With that being said, now it’s time to start writing a winning IT Project Manager resume.

Formatting your IT Project Manager resume

The easiest way into resume writing is to think that your resume is another project. Your first task in any project would be to identify its major milestones. In simple English, before writing a resume, you need to identify its sections.

This will make your resume simple, structured and easy to read. Here are some tips for shaping the milestones of your IT Project Manager resume.

  • Tip #1: Use adequate white space for increased readability. Use darker shades for section header backgrounds.
  • Tip #2: Write convincing headings. Make hiring managers understand what comes next just at a glance of a heading.
  • Tip #3: Choose easy to read fonts. Instead of going for conventional fonts like Times New Roman, gor for Verdana, Gill Sans or Cambria.
  • Tip #4: When choosing font sizes, do not go beyond 14pt for headings and 12pt for body content. Going beyond these sizes will take up more space in your resume making it way longer than 2 pages.
  • Tip #5: Always go for options like Bold and Italics to highlight important details.
  • Tip #6: Save your IT Project Manager resume as PDF unless the recruiters specifically ask for a Word document.

Tell a story in your IT Project Manager resume header

Convincing power and effective communication are two key skills of any project Manager. Writing an eye-catching header is the best way to show off these skills. 

experienced IT project manager resume header

The above headline contains an overview of the applicant. All details necessary to contact him/her are included in one place.

But, what if you do not have any industry experience? What if you are a fresh graduate? Go ahead and include your highest educational qualification and university.

entry level IT project manager resume header

Write an energetic IT Project Manager resume summary 

This section is also known as the professional profile or objective statement. This is where you should brand yourself as an IT project management professional. 

Checklist to write the perfect IT Project Manager resume summary:

  1. Focus on your current or overall job responsibilities.
  2. Emphasize the level of expertise in several key areas in Project Management.
  3. Quantify your experience and achievements. E.g: Sizes of project teams managed.
  4. Do not forget soft skills.

Here is a sample resume summary for an experienced IT project Manager.

IT project manager resume summary

As shown above, job related skills, certifications, experience and soft skills can be all put together as a summary.

A different version of the same goes for an entry-level IT Project Manager. In place of previous job experience you may add any relevant skills, educational qualifications. Why not look at a sample?

fresh graduate candidate for IT project management

Pro tip: Include your GPA if it is higher than 3.0.

Highlight your IT Project Manager Skills

One of the main responsibilities of a project manager is selecting the best team members based on their capabilities. The same is true for hiring managers when recruiting the best candidate for a job position!

Adding a skills section to your IT Project Manager resume is the best way to show them that you are the ideal candidate for the job position.

Pro tip: Categorize skills based on type: Programming languages, Agile Frameworks, Project Management tools, Soft skills etc

IT Project Management related skills

Programming languages

  • Java
  • C#
  • C++

Agile Frameworks

  • Scrum
  • XP
  • Kanban
  • SAFe
  • Lean

Project Management Tools

  • MS Project
  • Jira
  • Zoho Projects
  • Trello
  • Asana

Management Skills

  • Time management
  • Cost control
  • Risk and quality control
  • Project scope analysis

Soft skills

  • Effective communication
  • Friendliness
  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Interpersonal skills

Add a work experience section to your IT Project Manager resume

The work experience section is the heart of any resume. This is where the hiring managers will confirm your capacity to be the best candidate who fits their job description.

Here are some pro tips to follow when adding work experience in your IT Project Manager resume:


    Arrange job positions in reverse chronological order. (It means, your latest job first)


    Highlight the duration, job role and organization for each job.


    List down tasks completed under each job.


    Quantify achievements for each task listed.

work experience for IT project manager

DO NOT stress out if you are not an experienced IT project Manager. You can always include any volunteer work, projects done in university, and participation in events.

  • Lead the final year research and monitored 4 members and completed the research 1 week ahead of the deadline.
  • Mentored 4 projects of 3rd semester students at University of New Kingshire through guiding and counselling them to complete the projects on time.

Add the education section to your IT Project Manager resume

Experienced or not, this is an essential milestone in your IT Project Manager resume. It is always recommended to add educational qualifications in reverse chronological order. 

Do not hesitate to add any certifications and double majors. Adding them will impress recruiters to think that you can work on multiple tasks simultaneously under pressure.

IT project manager resume education

Winding Up

With that, we have covered all the important milestones in writing an IT Project Manager resume. 

One last tip: Always try to limit your IT Project Manager resume to 2 pages.

For more advice on resume writing, check out our complete resume writing guide.

Good luck on your job search!

IT Project Manager Resume Example (Text Version)

Tyler Johansson

IT Project Manager

CA, United States

(541) 754-3010

LinkedIn - -Johansson/resumoz


PRINCE2 certified IT Project Manager with 7+ years of experience in managing over 30 project teams of different business domains. Expert in managing a minimum of 3 teams parallelly. Highly capable of identifying the best resource people for projects, scoping, scheduling and budgeting. Well versed in project management tools including MS Project and Trello. Adaptable, versatile and able to work under pressure while motivating team members.

Work Experience

IT Project Manager (ProXcamp org, CA, United States) –2018  to Present

  • Managed 3 teams of 10+ members parallelly and motivated them towards completing assigned projects 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Scheduled a total of 15 projects out of which 85% were completed ahead of schedule and budget.
  • Budgeted $12M worth Management Information System which completed successfully at 15% less cost than the original budget.
  • Showed expertise in Scrum framework and trained 200+ novice interns about Scrum practices. 
IT Project manager (OzTech corp, CA United States) – 2016 to 2018

  • Overlooked 30+ IT professionals to complete over 14 technical projects each year.
  • Enhanced efficiency of 10+ projects by creating 5+ filters and dashboards in Jira to monitor 500+ projectwise bugs.
  • Generated $1.3M+ revenue by completing 8 technical projects within a period of 2 years.
  • Addressed and resolved risks of more than 10 projects which in turn completed 2 to 3 weeks ahead of planned schedule.

Academic qualifications

  • MSc. in IT Project Management (2017)- Distinction (Miami State University)
  • BSc. in Computer Science (2015)- 1st Class Honors (California State University)


Certifications and professional qualifications

  • Agile Certified Practitioner (2020)
  • Certified Scrum Master (2019)
  • Project Management Professional (2018)
  • PRINCE2 (2018)
  • BCS International Higher Educational Qualification(2017)