How to Create a Resume Summary to Win a Job

Do you know why a resume summary takes an important place in your resume?

Recruiters and employers spend less than 6 seconds to check a resume when filling the existing vacancies. So most of the time they do skim-read your resume as they are busy with their schedule.

By doing so, your experience, skills, qualifications, and strengths will most likely be missed by them. So the best solution to this problem is to write a summary in your resume.

The resume summary is sometimes referred to as the following:

    Summary statement

    Achievement statement

    Qualifications summary

    Summary of experience

    Professional summary

    Career summary



If you do not know exactly how to write a professional summary, continue reading this article. Want to know exactly how to successfully write a resume? Then read our resume writing guide.

What is a resume summary?

A summary is the part of your resume which comes right below to the resume header and right above the resume work experience section. This is a short paragraph consisting of 3-4 sentences. The main purpose of this is to highlight your professional strengths to the recruiter.

Including a summary statement is a great way to make your resume stand out from other resumes if you set it exactly as your elevator pitch. Let the recruiter know that you are the best applicant for the vacancy in their organization.

Here are a few things you can include into your resume summary statement to make it sparkle.

    Action verbs/adjectives

    Your job title

    Relevant skills


    Notable accomplishments with quantified results

Why do you need a career summary?

A summary will help you to get noticed faster. A well-written resume summary makes it easy to get the recruiter’s attention as well as the first impression of themselves. If they are satisfied after reading it, they will be tempted to read your resume with more attention.

However, not all job seekers can get the most out of a resume profile. Experienced professionals with several years of experience and achievements can get the optimum result from a summary statement.

How to write a best resume summary?

When writing a summary, first list your experiences, strengths, and qualifications as well as your achievements. In addition, refer to the job advertisement and ask yourself what you can do for the company. Then use them to help you to write your career summary.

The following is how to write a profile section correctly.

Tailor the summary according to the job advertisement

You are well aware that currently applicant tracking systems are widely used by various companies to filter resumes. So even your prospective company may be using an ATS to streamline the hiring process.

So to beat the applicant tracking system, you must have your resume tailored for the job. You can use the job description (job advertisement) as a source for that.

If you check carefully in the job advertisement, you can easily find the keywords that are unique to that job. They can be skills, tools as well as technologies. By fitting them smartly into your summary, you can successfully match the summary statement to the relevant job. Which means you will get a higher percentage of job-winning probability.

Add some numbers to show your achievements

To make your summary stand out, you must present your achievements with quantified results.

To do this you can add percentages, impressive sales figures as well as other numerical values ​​to your resume summary. This will help your prospective employer to see your potential.

Use powerful action verbs

Using action verbs is also a great tactic to make your profile section impressive.

It does not matter to the recruiters what you do in your current position. But they want to determine what you did in your past career and how you got your accomplishments. Through that, they will understand how you can offer something to their goals.

So when you present your achievements in a summary statement, always try to emphasize your summary by using strong action verbs to describe what you did.

Resume summary vs. resume objective

Years ago there was no such thing as a resume summary. Instead there was an objective statement. An objective statement in a resume is a brief introduction to the applicant.

It highlights the needs of the job seeker and his or her future goals. Here’s an example for a resume objective which is now outdated.

Objective statement: To obtain a job as a Digital Marketing Manager at a high end technology company.

However we always need to focus on the employer’s needs, not our personal interests. So later, career experts and resume experts realized that even though a significant amount of space was used in the resume for an objective statement, it failed to show the value of the applicants, so better results could be obtained by using a summary statement instead.

From then until now experienced candidates used to include a summary instead of an objective statement in their resumes. Applicants are encouraged to present how they can contribute to the company’s goals, not their future goals. It is a kind of great way to “sell yourself” to the employer.

Here’s an example for a summary statement which you can use instead of an objective statement.

Digital marketing specialist with SEO skills and 15 years of experience in the digital marketing field. Increased the domain authority from 0-50 within two years and have increased the organic search traffic by 36% by using various digital marketing strategies.

Resume keywords

Resume keywords refers to the technical skills and to the job title that can be found in a relevant job advertisement. Adding the keywords mentioned in the job advertisement to your summary statement will make it even easier to pass the ATS test.

Below you can see a sample job advertisement for hiring a sales associate. The highlighted words are the appropriate keywords that you can use in your summary when applying for the job.

keywords for resume summary

25+ resume summary examples for various jobs

01. Administrative assistant summary statement example

Professional Administrative Assistant with 5 years of experience in the field. Creating presentations, assembling facility reports, and maintaining confidentiality reduced labor expenses by about 25% a year, and faster account collection saved about $25,000. Managed appointments and communications for the directors of the company. Skilled in Accounting and Bookkeeping.

02. Receptionist resume summary

Office receptionist with 7+ years of experience managing the administrative functions of the company. Ability to analyze information and provide clients with appropriate solutions. Was successfully able to complete almost 95% of customer issues without going to the next level with outstanding customer service skills and problem-solving skills.

03. Executive assistant summary statement sample

Has more than 10 years of professional experience working as an executive assistant to 5+ top-level CEOs. Created and optimized travel itineraries which helped to reduce travel costs by 35%. Created New call system to eliminate customer misunderstandings and Save $ 1.5 million each year.

04. Office manager summary for resume

Energetic office manager with over 6 years of professional experience in the field. Boosted efficiency at XYZ company by 40% with top-notch management and organizational skills. Managed and trained a team of 10 office assistants to streamline the operations. Cut lead times by 38% and costs by 25%.

05. Customer service summary example for resume

Highly experienced customer service executive in a fast-paced call center with proven customer service skills. Received an average 95% customer satisfaction rating up to the date, while resolving 100+ customer queries daily. Awarded best employee of the month five times.

06. Sales summary sample of a resume

Tech-savvy sales manager with 10+ years of industry-relevant experience specializing in software and IoT devices. Recruited, trained, and managed 100+ junior sales executives in the last 3 years. Exceeded the company revenue goals by over 100% year over year. Increased the annual sales from $100K to $2.5M per year.

07. Cashier resume summary sample

Has 5+ years of experience as a head cashier in several restaurants and specializes in handling daily accounts and maintaining inventory. Handled 150+ transactions per day and maintained customer satisfaction at a rate of 98%. Efficiency is very high as I have dealt with various POS systems.

08. Sample resume summary for teacher

A dedicated teacher and have taught English to thousands of students for over 10 years. Utilized expert knowledge of English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching methodology. Converted English as the easiest subject for many students whose English was a difficult subject and the pass percentage of the students was increased by 80%. Received about a 99% satisfaction rate from their parents.

09. Nursing summary statement for resume

Licensed and certified nursing assistant with 10+ years of experience in the ICUs of community hospitals. Managed the expenditure of drugs and supplies in the internal ward of 100+ beds capacity while maintaining the inventory and auditing. Maintained 50+ of patient’s critical records and assisted with the execution of medical officer’s orders.

10. Medical assistant resume summary

An attentive medical assistant with 5+ years of experience in community hospitals with a fast-paced environment. Assisted medical officer to administer exams of 2500+ patients. Team-oriented with proven ability to give quality care for patients and their families.

11. Accountant resume summary

MBA qualified senior accountant with 6+ years of professional experience with account reconciliation and IT skills. Highly skilled in budget analysis, financial audits, and forensic accounting. Managed a $10M budget with a ten-person finance team including two trainee accountants and reduced costs by 25% over 2 years.

12. Career summary example for financial analyst

CFA certified financial analyst with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Managed a $50 million program budget and delivered a 0.5% under-run using effective rate analysis on labor, material, and overhead costs. Analyzed potential investments and conducted industry, market, and company-specific research.

13. Bartender career summary example

Professional bartender certified by the Maryland bartending academy with a deep knowledge of local craft beers, wine, spirits, and cocktails. Used social networking skills to increase good relations with customers and through that increased the revenue by 35%. Mixed and served drinks to 100+ customers daily in a fast-paced environment.

14. Server resume summary

Friendly server with 5+ years of extensive experience in a fast-paced restaurant. Received 1000+ positive feedbacks from guests for the exquisite dining experience they had due to my high-quality serving skills. All the dishes were delivered on time and no complaints at all. Possessed a certificate in food handling and safety.

15. Project manager summary for resume

PMP certified IT project manager with 10+ years of experience managing multiple software projects. Coordinated a team of 15+ IT professionals, and performed budget allocation and analysis. Executed a lean training project and cut costs by up to 25% in 6 months. Experienced with working on agile and waterfall project management methodologies.

16. Data analyst summary of qualifications

Data analyst with a decade of experience analyzing business processes. Built complex SQL reports to audit $1.85M of pay and benefits for over 200 individual records. Created Gantt charts to manage the company’s milestone progress. Possessed analytical abilities and data mining skills and utilized them to ensure data accuracy through the creation and implementation of data integrity queries.

17. Business analyst resume summary

Results-oriented business analyst with a Ph.D. in computer science and 5+ years of experience in the IT industry. Analyzed the business process in-depth which resulted in an increment of revenue by 25%. Organized and facilitated monthly meetings with clients to document requirements and to find potential solutions.

18. Human resource manager summary of statement

HR professional with 10+ years of experience in recruiting and career coaching. Passionate about IT and sales recruitments. Worked with every stage of the recruitment process. Familiar with 5+ human resources information software including BambooHR and Optimum HRIS.

19. Software engineer resume summary

Results-driven software engineer with 3 years of experience in producing clean codes for high volume companies. Highly skilled with full stack development and eCommerce website development. Gathered requirements from clients to build 10 responsive websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Adhered to agile best practices and slashed costs by 35%.

20. IT specialist summary for resume

IT specialist with 6+ years of experience in information security and system administration. Highly skilled in networking and operating systems software. Microsoft certified solution expert. Diagnosed, troubleshot, and resolved a range of software and hardware issues. Led the implementation project of SAP at XYZ company.

21. Warehouse supervisor summary statement

Logistic expert with 10+ years of experience in supply chain management, inventory control, ERP, business reporting, and logistic software. Managed an inventory worth $75M and improved the inventory accuracy from 65% to 99% accuracy rate over a period of 6 months. Reported weekly KPIs to the warehouse Manager.

22. Resume summary sample for housekeeper

Hard-working housekeeper with 10+ years of work experience as a housekeeping supervisor in boutique hotels and residences. Hands-on experience with all cleaning materials and tools. Managed a team of 5 housekeeping staff members and monitored them regularly. Proven time-management and organizational skills.

23. Social media marketing manager summary of statement

Creative social media manager with 8+ years of experience. Increased followers on social media by 150% over the period of one year. Constructed effective social media campaigns to increase the page’s reach and analyzed social media presence, engagement, and effectiveness on all social media platforms. Doubled website traffic from 1500 average daily visitors to 7500 by only using social media campaigns.

24. Marketing manager resume summary

Marketing Manager with 10+ years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Oversaw the marketing budget carefully to optimize advertising sources. Expert negotiation skills and social skills increased the annual revenue of the company by 200% last year. Monitored and analyzed sales trends on new medicinal product launches.

25. Restaurant manager summary example

Experienced restaurant manager with 5 years of experience in a fast-paced star-class restaurant. Increased the revenue of the restaurant by promoting the use of social networks. Recruited and trained a staff of 20+ employees and improved average daily sales by $10k. Developed and rolled out new in-house policies.

26. Dental assistant resume summary

A qualified dental assistant who adept at working with all ages. Assisted professional staff in all facets of dental treatments of patients. Organized 50+ patient’s medical records daily and assisted in billing insurance, and tracked monthly income and expenses.

27. Healthcare sales summary statement

Healthcare sales executive with 5+ years of experience in generating over $1.5M in revenue selling healthcare items to large-scale hospitals. Recruited and managed a team of 10 qualified sales executives. Excelled in building good relationships among current and prospective clients.