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Need to create a resume? But don’t you have an idea on how to format it? Choose your most favorite resume template and continue to the resume builder to create a winning PDF resume in minutes. Whatever the position you are applying, we have the best resume templates for your needs.

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Why do you need to use Resumoz Resume Templates?

Premium quality for free

All our resume templates in our library are of high quality and you can get them for absolutely free. Pick your favorite resume template and continue to build your high quality and winning resume with us.

Creative and professional templates

No matter if you are a creative or a professional resume template seeker. You will find the exact template which you are looking for in our resume template library. Dive in the pool of our resume templates to find the best one for your targeted job.

ATS friendly templates

Every single resume template is made with the renowned Applicant Tracking Systems in mind. So whatever resume scanning software the company used, our resume templates are well optimized to get past and to beat ATS. That means the ATS will be able to read your resume without any difficulty.

No hidden costs

Did you ever experience a situation like after spending hours on creating your resume and finally when you are going to download it you are automatically redirecting to a payment or subscription wall? At Resumoz you will not experience such a situation as we have no hidden costs.

Things to know about Resumes

What is a Resume?

A resume is a professional document that provides an overview of an applicant’s relevant work experience, qualifications, education, achievements, skills, and expertise that is usually submitted along with a cover letter. The ultimate goal of submitting a resume for a job opening is to convince the employers that you are a perfect candidate for the job opening and also to get shortlisted for a formal interview.

What to include on a resume?

The resume and its content of each applicant will differ according to the candidates’ level of experience and qualifications. But there is some specific set of information that every resume should include in 2021. Those are:

  • Contact Information Section
  • Resume Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Relevant Skills

The above are mandatory sections in a typical resume, and other than these sections, you can personalize your resume a little bit more by adding some extra sections to your resume such as:

  • Certifications
  • Projects
  • Awards and Honors
  • Volunteering Experience
  • Hobbies and Interests

These optional sections definitely can enhance your value to some extent. So if you are a person who has no work experience, but with a lot of volunteering experience, never hesitate to add them to your resume in a separate section. Also, if you have relevant certifications, the employers will pay more attention to you.

How to format a winning resume?

In the resume world, we can see three major types of resume formats. But you have to be wise enough to choose which format you are going to use in your resume. That depends on the level of experience and the educational background you have. The most popular resume formats among the job seekers are Chronological Resume, Functional Resume, and Combination Resume .

However, over 95% of candidates in 2021 are using Reverse Chronological Resume Format when making their resumes. It highlights your work experience rather than your educational qualifications and skills.

As career experts, we recommend you to use this format always unless you are changing your careers.

How long should a resume be?

This might be the most asked question by the job seekers when making their resumes, and the simple answer to that question is One-Page.

Though the standard length of a resume is one-page, you can extend it to 2-pages, and that totally depends on your relevant experience and skills. Never try to mention your experience before 15 years as the recruiters do not care about your experience of 15 years ago.

But just assume that you have got a resume with one and a half pages. In this scenario, try your best as possible to condense your resume to one page.

What is the best resume template?

There is no such thing called “the best resume template.” Each applicant has different skills, experience levels, and qualifications. According to them, some templates will be ideal for some applicants. But will not be ideal for another set of applicants. Clearly there is no template that magically fits for everyone.

Therefore first you need to look at the resume template options you have. Then you must pick a good template that suits your profession and your needs. Not only that but also before choosing a resume template, decide which resume format you are going to choose and pick a resume template according to your resume format.

In our template library, you will find dozens of beautifully designed best free resume templates 2021 that suit any candidate with any level of experience who is going to apply for any profession. All our templates are Applicant Tracking System friendly, so you need not worry about getting past the ATS scan.

Resume Templates in 2021 - FAQ

Making a good resume with Resumoz is easy and fast. From the dozens of resume templates, pick your favorite to continue. After picking one, you will be redirected to the Resumoz resume builder. There you will be guided with resume tips and tricks. With the help of the guidance, you will be able to create a winning resume. Finally, click the “download” button to owe a great resume to apply for the jobs.

Every template shown above is 100% free. You may think the above templates will cost a lot due to its high quality. But surprisingly, you are free to edit, personalize, and download them all for absolutely free. There is no need of upgrading your account to make it truly yours.

Yes, all our templates in the library are optimized for almost each and every applicant tracking system. Though the template designs and the graphics on templates are optimized, you should make the resume content in an ATS-friendly way from your side to get the maximum results.

Each template is optimized for making one-page resumes and also you can make multi-pages / two pages resumes with the same templates as they are very flexible. Whatever the template you choose, that will do the job for you.

Our analytical team analyzed the top applicant tracking systems and suggested the designers exactly how an ATS friendly resume template should be. Then our graphic artists beautifully design the resume templates utilizing their graphic designing skills according to analysts’ recommendations, under the guidance of expert career coaches.

Exactly. We have different types of resume templates that will match different scenarios. Those are modern resume templates, professional resume templates, creative resume templates, and simple resume templates.

If you are applying for a profession that requires up-to-date knowledge and the latest technologies, modern resume templates are ideal for you.

Need to join a company as a management or executive-level position? Then you should pick the professional resume templates. Those are perfectly designed and crafted to get the attraction of professional recruiters.

If your target is to get joined with the creative industry such as a job in writing, designing, fashion, or advertising, then Resumoz creative resume templates are well-aligned with you.

Do you think you can win your dream job with a basic or simple resume template? Why not? Definitely possible if you choose one of our simple resume templates.