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Getting a perfect job in 2021 is not a difficult task anymore. Enter the job market with a perfectly crafted cover letter that will increase your job-winning chances. For that, you need to find a perfect cover letter builder or cover letter generator that would be able to provide you a well-written cover letter with a library of ATS-friendly cover letter templates. Congratulations! You are in the right place. So, why are you waiting? Get started to build your own and original cover-letter-now with us, today.

Resumoz Cover letter builder is easy-to-use, fast and 100% free. With the 8+ proven success cover letter templates, we will be able to help you in generating different types of cover letters such as general cover letters, email cover letters, letters of interest, referral letters, etc. Once you are satisfied with the preview you can download the cover letter in PDF for absolutely free.

Writing skills not required

Resumoz’s Cover Letter Builder asks you a few questions. You just need to fill out a few fields or choose the best matching answers as you wish. Finally, you will get a pre-formatted and custom-tailored cover letter to the job you want.

Quick Cover Letter Builder

No need to confuse if you don’t know how to write a perfect cover letter. We will provide you step-by-step instructions from the beginning to the end. Our expert tips and suggestions will make it easier for you to build a job-winning cover letter.

Cover Letter Builder with Easy process

No need to confuse if you don’t know how to write a perfect cover letter. We will provide you step-by-step instructions from the beginning to the end. Our expert tips and suggestions will make it easier for you to build a job-winning cover letter.

Make your cover letter stand out

All our cover letter templates are designed by professional designers and reviewed by the career experts and career coaches. With our proven success cover letter templates you will be able to succeed in your job search and stand out among the candidates.

Showcase the Best Version of You

Don’t you know how to showcase your best version via a cover letter? Do not worry. Our cover letter contents are perfectly engineered by HR professionals. And those cover letters are made up of succinct cover letter sections.

Eloquently Hide Your Work Gaps

Do you have any work gaps in your career history? Wonder how you minimize those gaps? The cover letter is the best place to explain significant work gaps. Resumoz helps you eloquently explain the career gaps away.

Top features of our cover letter builder

Fully customizable templates

What if you are not able to customize your cover letter just the way you want? We provide you the ability to customize your chosen cover letter template to fit your individual needs. You may change the cover letter font, line spacing, colors (fonts / preset color theme) etc. Personalizing your cover letter is now very easy with us. You can also edit the generated cover letter with your own content.

customizable cover letter templates

Downloadable in PDF format

Most of the employers wish to have their applicants’ documents (resumes and cover letters) in PDF format as it is a universally readable file format. This is the most secure way to send your cover letters online. It is also Applicant Tracking System friendly cover letter file format which most of the candidates use when applying for new jobs. The cover letters generated via Resumoz Cover Letter Builder are truly downloadable in PDF.

download cover letter in pdf

Spell Check

Having a single spelling error on your cover letter will miss your job-winning opportunity. We at Resumoz Cover Letter Builder will check for spelling mistakes in your cover letter before it goes to a hiring manager. Reduce the risk of losing the job due to silly mistakes and increase the job-winning chances.

cover letter spell check

Different cover letter types

We offer you 7+ cover letter types and you can change the feel of your cover letter with just a one click. If you are bored with the same style cover letters, you can try your cover letter in a few more different writing styles with the same content.

change cover letter type

Resumoz Cover Letter Builder FAQ

Cover letter is a single-page document which you always submit with your resume or the job application. It provides additional, but relevant information about the candidates' experiences, qualifications, skills and the interest in the job that you are applying for etc. Cover letter is a great way to communicate with your employer before your interview and is a great opportunity to show your potential to a recruiter. A typical recruiter can guess whether you are the right pick for the opening or not via a well-crafted cover letter.

An online cover letter builder is a platform that helps job seekers to build their cover letter. The users do not require designing, programming, and cover letter writing knowledge to create a cover letter online. Further, you don't need to have any kind of software to make your cover letter as the tool already build by the service providers. The cover letter builders offer the users with a library of cover letter templates, cover letter examples, and real-time cover letter tips to make your cover letter a winning one.

You need to answer a few simple questions. We will generate a full-page customized cover letter just for you. You can choose a cover letter type from different writing styles and a cover letter template from different designs. Once you are satisfied with the cover letter preview, you are single click away for your PDF cover letter.

Don't worry! You can start with our blank cover letter template which is ideal for you and it will provide you a plain cover letter at the end without any kind of design on your document. Or else you can simply copy and paste the generated cover letter text for an email or for your own cover letter template.

Resumoz is a 100% free platform which can be used to build your resumes and cover letters. It's not only free to use. All the cover letters and resumes are available free to download as well.