The Complete Resume Header Guide for 2022

The resume header holds a special place among the must-haves for your resume in 2022. This is often referred to as the resume heading, resume headline, contact information section.

In your resume, a recruiter’s eye first goes to the resume header that contains your contact details. That’s why your resume headline should be very professional and attractive. Then it will not be difficult to capture the first impression and the attraction of your resume reader towards your resume.

Is it difficult for you to make a resume header as mentioned above? If so, keep reading this article. You can find various resume header examples as well as many resume tips to optimize the header. The ultimate goal of this article is to teach you how to make your resume header memorable.

As we all know, a resume headline is a part of your resume that contains your contact information that can be used to show your identity. Often the information here is used by recruiters to contact you.

So, do you know what to include in a typical resume headline? Here’s what?

What to include in resume header

Your resume’s header should exactly include the following:

    Full name

    Job title

    Resume summary (optional)

    Phone number

    Email address


Now let’s see how these things properly fit into your resume header.

Resume Header Template

[Job Title]
[Phone Number]
[LinkedIn / Web]

Full Name

The largest text you write in your resume is used for your name. First name and last name are often used for this.

When you write your name in the resume headline make sure to always include the name you use in your online profiles. So that recruiters can easily identify your online presence.

Correct Example

      Edward Franklin

Incorrect Example

      Eddie Frank

Job Title

This is something usually that most applicants forget when creating their resumes.

Here you should not mention your current job title but have to match your line of work to match the job title to which you are going to apply.

Some people are used to presenting their job title with the most relevant certifications and credentials for the job they are applying for. It is a very good tactic.

However, if you are thinking of adding fancy buzzword job titles to your resume headers such as Code Guru and Programming Ninja, avoid them as much as possible. There is a possibility that it may confuse the applicant tracking system if you use such phrases.

Resume summary or objective (optional)

Some job seekers add the resume summary, another important feature of a typical resume, to their resume header. There is nothing wrong here. But it’s up to you to decide whether or not to add a summary or objective line to the resume headline.

If you want to include the resume summary in the header, there are separate resume templates for them.


It does not matter to the employer what your full address is at the beginning of your job search. But they want to get a rough idea of ​​how far you are from the company or workplace. So instead of your full address, just mention the city and the state and let them know your location.

Phone number

Your future employer may want to contact you quickly if he/she is satisfied with your resume. Recruiters might reach out to you due to the following reasons.

  • To arrange an interview
  • Asking for references
  • To do an over-the-phone interview

So in such a case, mentioning your phone number in your resume will make the recruiter contact you easily. Therefore enter the best accessible phone number that you use often.

If you are applying for a job in a foreign country, be sure to include your phone number along with your country code.

Email address

Your email address will be more important in your job search than you think. So when you add an email address to your resume, pay close attention to the following things.

  • Your email address should be a professional one.
  • The email address should be very personal to you. Should not be a work email address.
  • It should be made from a valid email service provider.

If you have an email address like mentioned above, include it in your resume header. Or else make a new one right now.

How to sparkle your resume header

You must include all of the above-mentioned details in your resume’s header. All the other applicants competing for the job with you will include them in the resume heading. But beyond that, if you can make your headline stand out, you will have a better chance of getting a job. Here are some things you can do to make your resume header sparkle.

    LinkedIn URL

    Personal website/Portfolio website

    GitHub/Stack Overflow

LinkedIn URL

Today, a well-maintained LinkedIn profile is one of the most important tools for your job search. It is the largest professional network in the world used by many professionals across the globe.

If you enter the URL of your LinkedIn profile into the resume header, your future employer will refer to it. Through that, they can see your professional background, qualifications, your experiences, recommendations you have received from other professionals, etc. So it will have a positive impact on your job search for sure.

Customize your LinkedIn URL so that you can make it memorable instead of the default link they give you when you first join LinkedIn. You can go to LinkedIn Profile Settings and customize your link.

The following are examples of a default LinkedIn URL and a properly customized LinkedIn URL.

Correct LinkedIn URL

Incorrect / Default LinkedIn URL

Personal website

If you have a website or an online portfolio, why don’t you include it in your resume header? It’s a great opportunity to show off your skills and abilities to a recruiter.

If you are looking for a job in the IT, marketing, or creative industry, this can be a great hack to the success of your job search.

GitHub/Stack Overflow

If you are a programmer, coder, or IT expert this resume tip is especially for you. If you have completed a lot of coding projects or if you have given many solutions for coding questions you are good to go with GitHub and Stack Overflow URLs in your resume header.


Apart from LinkedIn, Twitter is the second best branding tool to add in a resume. Twitter is a good way to build your personal brand and a great profile to add in your job application. Your profile might make you appear as an expert on the subject if you have a decent amount of Twitter followers.

But you should include your Twitter handle to your resume only if you have a professional profile and if your tweets are relevant to your employment.

If you use your Twitter account to express your personal opinions, it’s better not to mention that on your resume.

What to avoid on a resume header in 2022?

You already know about the things that should be included in a resume header. It is also important to know what should not include in a resume heading. Below are some pieces of information that you should not include in your header either for any reason.


The resume photos take priority over things that should not be included on a resume header. Inserting a photo into a resume can expose you to various discriminations. So to prevent this, recruiters, as well as career experts, often recommend not to include resume photos in your resume headline.

Social media handles

One of the frequently asked questions for many recently graduated students and many job seekers today is whether or not to include social media links inside the resume header.

We use social media like Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with our friends, to find out about personal interests, and to share photos, etc. If you do not use social media for professional purposes, it is wise to avoid including social profile links in your resume header.

However, if you maintain a social media page professionally related to the job you are applying for, you can get more job opportunities by inserting links to such profiles into your resume header.

Irrelevant personal details

You do not need to enter your personal information and physical appearance in a resume such as your gender, height, weight, etc. If you add them, they could act as discrimination factors. Also do not include your personal beliefs and creeds such as political opinions, religion, race, caste, etc.

Because some of your opinions may be offensive to others. So try not to include such information in your resume header as much as possible.

The word ‘RESUME’

Never use the word “Resume” when writing your resume. Many people are used to mentioning their name and then the word “Resume” in the headline. It’s a bad practice in resume writing.

Every recruiter knows that they are reading a resume. So it does not need an unnecessary introduction.

Salary expectation

In rare cases, your prospective employer will ask about your salary requirement and salary history. Do not mention your salary in your resume in any cases unless you are asked to state your salary expectation via the job advertisement.

Resume header examples

All the resume heading examples below are created using the Resumoz online resume builder by our panel of career experts.

You can also create your resume heading through it for absolutely free.

resume header example
resume headline sample
example resume heading

What if I have a 2 page resume?

As career experts, we always recommend that you should limit your resume to one page. But sometimes your resume could be two pages long depending on your experience level. One of the problems that many people have in such cases is whether or not to include a resume header on the second page.

The simple answer to this is that the second page of your resume does not need a full header. But still, you can put your name and phone number at the top of the second page. As a result, if the recruiter forgets your name and wants to contact you at once, he does not need to go back to the first page.

Match your resume header with cover letter header

When you apply for a job, you must send a cover letter with your resume as an attachment. So even though they are two documents, it is important to match both as they are submitted at the same time. The content is different but we can match the headers of those two documents.

By submitting two documents with the same appearance, your prospective employer will think that you are a very organized character. It will be a great help to your career as well.

Why is the resume header an important concern in ATS scan

At present, applicant tracking systems are widely used across the globe by not only large-scale companies but also small to mid-sized companies to streamline the hiring process. With the advent of ATS, every applicant had to optimize their resume for ATS. Otherwise, getting a job is only a dream for them.

A good header is worth a resume since the header contains all your personal and contact details. An applicant tracking system will check all these details. So the text in the resume header should be very readable not only for humans. But also for robots.

Therefore don’t forget to make the email address and the other URLs clickable in your PDF and Word resume previews. Many ATS systems do not know how to deal with resumes with fancy graphics. Therefore avoid images and other graphics on your resume header to get the optimum results.

Proofread twice

You should make sure the information you entered is correct. That will prevent you from accidental mistakes such as typos. If you add a credential in your resume headline make sure to use the proper abbreviation.

If you provided any links to any of your online profiles, recheck whether you have given the link to the correct destination or not.

Resume header: frequently asked questions

Q: Is it a mandatory requirement to add a resume header?

A: Yes, of course, a resume’s header takes an important place in a typical resume. It consists of the basic information and contact details of the applicant.

Q: Where to place the resume header on a resume?

A: Your resume headline needs to be the topmost section of your resume. The best practice is to align your resume header’s information to the left, center, or right.

Q: How to create a winning resume header?

A: You have nothing to worry about creating an impressive resume header when you have free resume templates in our template library. All the resume templates available in our library are proven success and the only thing you need to do is enter your details and download your resume.

Q: When to use a two-page resume header?

A: We strongly suggest limiting your resume to one-page. But sometimes depending on your experience level, the resume will go beyond the length of 1 page. By adding a header to the second page you can identify it also as a part of your resume. So whenever you have too much experience that you cannot fit into a single page, you are good to go with a 2-page resume header.

Resume header checklist

resume header checklist
  • Make your name the biggest text in the resume. It can act as the heading of your resume.
  • Insert your job title or any relevant credential as a subtitle to your headline.
  • Insert a frequently used phone number and a professional email address. So that your prospective employer can keep in touch with you.
  • The full address is not necessary. It is sufficient to add the city and the state as your location.
  • Add some of your social media handles and links to online portfolios if and only if they are maintained professionally.
  • Avoid adding a photograph of yourself into the resume header.