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“Everyone can write a resume, but not everyone can write a winning resume.” Don’t you agree? But, do you want to know how to write a killer resume? So you can start working tomorrow.

Probably the answer should be a “Yes”

Resume writing is a skill and you should follow the trends Just in case, If you don’t want to make your employer tired by just looking at it. 

There are different ways of writing resumes but you should stick to the below-described way to write your HR Executive Resume that reflects your position.

The very first thing you need to do is to read the job posting to find relevant keywords that match your job. But if you absolutely have no idea. Don’t worry! Keep reading! We have got you covered! 

For example, when you are applying for a job as an HR Executive, an employer might use keywords such as “communication skill”, “sustainable”, “Conflict Resolution”, and “Contract Negotiation” in the job posting. If you have these skills, save them for your resume. 


It’s not possible to write a truly effective resume without knowing who you are. Having a clear understanding of your job role helps you to perform effectively and efficiently. Guess what? It will help you to write a perfect job description too.

Human Resource Executive is responsible for the overall operations of the HR department including training, monitoring, and problem-solving. Simply, as an HR Executive, you are engaging with people-related tasks. 

Strong negotiations skills, interpersonal skills, and mentoring skills are some of the skills that an HR Executive must possess when helping employees to feel connected inside the organization.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities are not written in the resume but an organization may post duties and responsibilities to simplify the hiring process. Moreover, you must know those to identify your role as an HR Executive. These may change from company to company but here are some of the common duties and responsibilities.


    Responsible for the overall quality system in the HR department.


    Maintain employees’ leaves, medical and attendance records.


    Develop HR policies.


    Monitor the HR department’s budget.


    Monitor performance and productivity.


    Ensure the safety of employees.


    Recruiting and Training employees.


    Organizing training sessions for employees


    Handling resignations.

It is not difficult to understand that this job requires knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform his or her role as an HR Executive.

How to write an HR Executive resume

01. List your contact info on the resume header

Let’s keep it simple. Start with your name and under it you need to write your professional title just as below.

resume header example for HR executive

In the contact info section, start with your email address. Use a professional email. 

Next, the location. Since most of the employers are looking for candidates who live closer by, it is necessary to mention the location as well. When you mention it, City and the state would be enough. 

Then, the phone number. 

Linkedin and other related online profiles are optional information but if you have feel free to add.

02. Write a human resources resume summary

The summary focuses on your accomplishments and provides an overview of your work experience. It summarizes a lengthy resume by highlighting experiences and achievements using relevant keywords. 

Look at the following example:

resume summary example for HR executive

Refer to the above example and write it highlighting HR Executive’s key skills, qualifications, competencies, and achievements. It should be concise and targeted to your HR Executive job.

03. Describe your HR related work experience

This section provides details of companies or organizations you worked /working. One common mistake is that everyone describes job duties and responsibilities under your job role. That is wrong.! You must describe your accomplishments in terms of results, not responsibilities. 

Highlight your achievements that will make your employer think that you will be able to handle the role as an HR Executive.

Above all, Include strong action verbs and adverbs to grab the employer’s attention. Don’t overstate your accomplishments too.

Here are some of the strong verbs and adverbs you can use in your HR Executive resume.

Action verbs for HR executive resume

  • Controlled
  • Analyzed
  • Coordinated
  • Enhanced
  • Awarded
  • Evaluated
  • Developed
  • Executed
  • Initiated
  • Projected
  • Increased
  • Pioneered
  • Trained
  • Updated
  • Suggested

Adverbs for Human resource executive resume

  • Assertively
  • Cooperatively
  • Competitively
  • Cautiously
  • Drastically
  • Devotedly
  • Eagerly
  • Earnestly
  • Encouragingly
  • Energetically

HR Executive | 2018 Dec / Present

Costco IT corp, San Diego, CA

  • Provided leadership in the areas of payroll, labor relations, and training for operations with over 2,500 employees.
  • Conducted training sessions for over 800 employees to inform them of recent regulatory changes.
  • Reduced time spent on record-keeping by developing an online record-keeping system.
  • Organized and coordinated company events to enhance the cooperation among the employees.

04. Highlight your educational qualifications

Hr Executives mainly engage with employees so it is better to follow or have at least a bachelor’s degree related to Human Resources, Finance, Business Management, Economics, or Marketing that focuses more on organizational development, HR issues, legal implications, and social responsibility.

you should include every Educational qualification that suits your position as an HR Executive in order of most advanced to least advanced. You should emphasize it if it is relevant to your role. 

It is a good choice to write it in the expanded format so you can include all the information and maybe do a little show-off. 

BA in Human Resource Management | 2011 Sep / 2015 Oct

Concordia University, Helena, MT

  • GPA: 3.80
  • Related Coursework: Management principles, Human resource planning, Information System Management, International Business, Specialized Sales, and Labor and Industrial Relations.

05. Put a few human resource skills on your resume

This section is to demonstrate that you possess the required skills for the job you’re applying for, Remember not to over mention skills. Give yourself a minute and ask yourself which skills would your coworkers say you’re exceptionally good at? 

Remember only to include those skills that are both relevant to the role. Simply list the skills in bullet form under the skills section.

If you believe that you have a particular skill, try to get a certification for it. It will help to make your career successful.

Here are some skills that might help you to add to your resume as an HR Executive. If you use it right this section can make you special among other candidates.

  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Confidentiality
  • Coaching
  • Team Orientation
  • Counseling Skills
  • Empathetic skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • HRIS knowledge
  • HR reporting skills
  • Adaptability
  • Legal Competency
  • Decision-making skills
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Attention to Detail
  • Data Analysis
  • Integrity
  • verbal and Written Communication Skills

06. Add other resume sections to get more opportunities.


Learning other languages apart from the native language absolutely can come in handy.

Knowing languages is vital for communication. It shows the ability to influence, for positive outcomes.

If you know more than the native language you can use it to communicate with people who may speak that language. It helps to reduce the cultural gap and maintain a positive environment.

Again, You should list any language skills you have in a separate bullet point


  • English – Native
  • German – Full
  • Spanish – Professional


It is not a must to add an awards section. If you don’t have any, be cool! But if you have any awards like “HR Executive of the Year”, or maybe “HR’s Rising Stars”, It will bring some color to your resume.


  • Awarded HR Executive of the Year in 2019 for the outstanding contributions to the ROI cooperation.


If you ask, Why do HR Certificates Matter? Well, it is a chance to show the company that you have the knowledge and the expertise. The certificates provide an advantage in the job applicant competition. Above all, It strengthens the resume.

If you have a goal for your career as an HR Executive. Make sure that you add some certificates to sail through.!


  • Executive Certificate in HR Analytics – CIPM Institute
  • Global Professional in Human Resources – The Society for Human Resource Management

To sum up, Remember to use the most captivating words. Keep it simple! 

Knock ’em dead with your resume!

HR Executive Resume Example (Text Version)

Thomas Carter

Human Resource Executive

Bloomington, IND


LinkedIn -


Highly effective, goal-oriented Human Resources Executive with 5 years of experience in policy administration, employee relations, HR Payroll Systems, and Onboarding. Ability to execute organizational goals independently or collaboratively. Proficient and effective in the use of Accounting software for preparing invoices and payroll. Trilingual with fluent verbal and written skills in English, Spanish, and Italian languages.

Work Experience

HR Executive April 2017 – Present

PrimeSource Building Products, West Bridgewater, MA

  • Wrote employee manual covering issues including disciplinary procedures, code of conduct and benefits information.
  • Prepare presentation materials , assist with developing communication materials and provide support for HR initiatives
  • Collaborate and participate actively in the development of HR solutions with line managers
  • Managed all Human Resources functions in a 600-employee ecommerce firm. Handled oversight, payroll processing, interviewing, and documentation.

HR Executive June 2012 – January 2017

National Floors Direct , Astoria, NY

  • Analyzed process gaps in the performance management system and adopted improvement measures.
  • Improved proper steps and procedures for customer routing instructions to deceased the charge backs to it lowest.
  • Through employee retention programs, increased retention 25%.
  • Coordinated all departmental travel arrangements and expense reports

Bachelor, Human ResourcesFebruary 2007- December 2011

Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusettes

  • GPA – 3.8/4.0