Professional Resume Examples for 2022

Are you a person who is willing to get a good job in a renowned company? If so, you must definitely pay more attention to your resume, which will help you to get that position.

If you ever feel that your current resume is not good or if you feel bored of your existing resume, the following professional resume examples will give you real inspiration.

These sample resumes will show you the present-day best practices on resume writing which are inevitably important to get past the Applicant Tracking Systems.

If you don’t know how to write a resume properly, these resume examples written by our in-house career experts will give you an idea for you to write your own resume.

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Creative and Cultural Fields

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Why are our resume examples the best?

Written by experts

All the sample CVs in our website are written by specialists who have career knowledge in each field of work. Before writing these resumes, they have done an in-depth study of the job, consulted with the hiring managers who are recruiting for those jobs and got the correct information to write a perfect resume.

Reviewed by experts

All the resume samples are reviewed by career experts to determine if they are perfectly written for the job. By doing so, they have corrected the shortcomings of these resumes and ensured that the resume sample is well suited for jobs to get hired.


By following the latest resume trends and using the latest technologies used in various jobs, we guarantee that all our resume examples and CV samples are up-to-date. Writing tips for creating an up-to-date resume are available.

Unique and professional

Anyone who wants to make a professional resume can easily make a unique and professional one with the help of our sample resumes. All resumes are designed with professional templates and come with relevant job specific bullet points. Also all these resumes are designed by our professional resume builder. Every resume has a text version so you can easily copy and paste them.

Why do you need to use resume examples?

If you are looking at a blank piece of paper without knowing how to write a resume properly, the best way for you to start writing a resume is to read a sample resume.

That will lay the groundwork for you to write a winning resume. If you read a sample resume, you can find out various information about the special information that should be included in your resume, how to design a good CV etc. to get a job in the industry.

It is very important that you get inspiration from a well crafted resume to get effective results before writing your resume for a job. You can even know how to customize your resume for each job. Tailoring a resume for a specific job will give you more job-winning opportunities.

When submitting a resume for some jobs, it is also important for applicants to know what resume sections recruiters are expecting to see in your resume. The above resume samples will also be important for you to know what those resume sections are depending on your job.

If you use these examples properly, you will be able to improve your resume and make it stand out without a doubt.

Depending on the job you are applying for, the language you should use in your resume will vary. The best way to learn about this job-specific resume language accurately is to read our job-specific resume samples made using real-life scenarios.

What should a perfect resume sample consist of?

A job applicant can learn a lot about resume writing through a well-written resume sample such as learning how to enter their contact details correctly, how to write a resume summary or objective statement depending on the job you are applying for, and how to list your work experience reverse-chronologically.

To make your resume stand out from the crowd you should need to list quantified achievements in your work history section. Also through your resume you have to show that you are a perfect person with job related soft skills and hard or technical skills.

A good resume sample can explain to you how to incorporate your educational qualifications into a resume properly. You can also find out what additional sections should be included in your resume depending on the job you are applying for. Sometimes the employers may require you to have some relevant certifications. So in those cases you need to have the knowledge on how to add a certification section for your resume.

To get the maximum out of a resume example, pick the right resume sample for your job title and study it thoroughly to understand resume writing best practices.

What to keep in mind when using resume examples?

When you apply for a job, you will need to tailor your resume to the relevant job advertisement. Therefore, we recommend that you do not copy the entire resume. All you have to do is read this template resume, and write a unique resume that suits your qualifications and skills.

By copying and submitting the exact same resume sample you have here, the recruiter may see that you are not qualified for the job or maybe you are overqualified. In both cases there is a downside for you. So always make sure that you write an original resume which can directly speak to your prospective company and the position. Otherwise you may even run the risk of not getting a job.

When you look at the resume examples above, you will notice that these resumes do not include a resume photo. Actually, we strongly advise you to include a photo in your resume only if the job advertisement requests to do so. Otherwise it is wise to leave that space empty.