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Best resume format for a video editor

A recruiter decides how creative you are from the first impression they get when they see your resume.

So your resume is an opportunity to show both your creativity and professionalism at the same time to the hiring managers. So it is very important to choose the best resume format to create it.

We recommend that the reverse chronological resume format is best suited for a video editor.

In addition, when formatting your video editor resume, pay attention to the following points.

  • Set 0.75-1 inch margin on all four sides.
  • List your previous jobs reverse chronologically.
  • Pick a creative resume font such as Georgia, Didot, or Trebuchet MS.
  • Use the white space effectively.
  • Maintain your resume length into one page.
  • Save your resume in PDF file format.

Include these sections on your video editor resume

In order to make your resume stand out from other video editor resumes, you must first include all the mandatory resume sections. Let’s see what they are and how to write them correctly on your resume.

Resume Header

The resume header is the first thing that catches anyone’s eye when looking at a resume. So we can make the first impression of the recruiter a good one by making it attractively.

The most special thing you need to know here is your identity in the resume header, and the ability to show that you are a qualified video editor.

You can add some super powers to your resume by mentioning job titles like Certified Video Editor or Experienced Video Editing Professional rather than mentioning just a video editor as the job title.

Our resume header guide further explains clearly how to make a headline for the resume correctly.


This is a small paragraph but still a very powerful one which could help you to land your dream job as a video editor.

A correctly written resume summary will help you to get past the 6-second resume scan too.

In the resume summary section try to mention your key competencies as well as your key accomplishments if there are any. This is something like your sales pitch.

If you have won any awards or certifications that can prove yourself as a pro video editor, mention them here. Therefore the recruiter gets motivated to read your resume in depth.

Read the complete resume summary guide here.

Work Experience

The Work Experience section is a section where you can easily highlight your video editing skills. Here we recommend to list your previous achievements as a list of bullet points.

Did you know that you can easily beat the Applicant Tracking System by tailoring your video editor resume according to the job advertisement?

So be sure to include the keywords in your job advertisement effectively in your resume.

If you still have troubles with writing the right job description bullet points, copy the sample bullet points below and use them in your video editor resume.

In addition, you can have a compelling video editor resume by inserting the following words frequently into your resume.

  • Editing
  • Premiere
  • Raw
  • Film
  • Brief
  • Logging clips
  • Footage
  • Editing software
  • Sequences
  • Proficiency
  • Computer
  • Video
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Director
  • Attention to detail
  • Vision
  • Team
  • Time management
  • Production
  • Storyboard

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As you are applying for a job in the creative industry, recruiters value your skills more over your qualifications and experience. If you have experience and skills about the software and various tools used in the video editing process, try to mention them in the skill section of your resume.

In addition to these technical skills, don’t forget to include soft skills in this section. Because recruiters appreciate a video editor having both hard skills and soft skills.

Let’s now see what skills should be included in a competitive video editor resume.

Soft skills for a video editor

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Cheerfulness

Video editing hard skills

  • Directing
  • Screenwriting
  • Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Producing
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Animation
  • Graphics
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Trimming
  • Blender
  • Illustrator
  • Music Editing
  • News Editing
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Voiceover
  • Transcript
  • Corporate Video


Actually you don’t need to have a degree to become a video editor.

But if you have a degree in video production or film production or a higher education qualification in a related field, be sure to highlight that in your video editing resume. It will definitely be an advantage for you.

In addition, if you have studied videography, graphic design and multimedia, and computer courses in your secondary education or through courses, mentioning them in your video editor resume will bring positive results for your job search.

By mentioning these things in your resume education section shows that you used video editor skills in the past.


Although not a mandatory section to add in a resume, adding this section will make you stand out from the rest of the job candidates for being a certified professional video editor.

So don’t forget to add that advantage to your resume and increase your job winning chances.

Below are the best and industry recommended certification courses that video editors can take.

  • Avid Certified User: Media Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Certificate
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 
  • Certified Video Engineer – Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc

Best action verbs for a video editor resume

Inserting action verbs into a resume adds more competitiveness and power to your resume.

Most of the time you can use action verbs in the resume summary and in the work experience section.

Below we have listed the most suitable resume action verbs for a video editor.

  • Captured
  • Edited
  • Sorted
  • Sourced
  • Created
  • Completed
  • Worked
  • Trimmed
  • Built
  • Developed
  • Wrote
  • Managed

Quick resume tips for video editors

  • Proofread your resume for typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Consider the color and aesthetic of your video editor resume.
  • Use larger or bolder fonts for the section titles to draw attention.
  • We recommend not to include a photo. But if you want, follow these resume photo guidelines.
  • Research the company culture and write an impressive cover letter. If you don’t know how to write a cover letter, our cover letter writing guide will assist you.

Learn more resume tips here

Video Editor Resume Example (Text Version)

Velva Reichert

Professional Video Editor

East Ruthie, RI

(510) 922-9109

LinkedIn - -Reichert/resumoz


Adobe Creative Suite certified Professional video editor with 5+ years of experience in commercial video editing skills, and deep understanding of video editing software, tools, and techniques. Proficient in Adobe Premiere, AVID, and Final Cut Pro. Created 100+ high-end commercials for big-name clients and gained 99.5% of positive feedback. A team player with a good sense of humor.

Work Experience

Video Editor June 2018 – Present

Media Northwest, New York, NY

  • Used Adobe Creative Cloud to develop and edit 50+ images and animations weekly.
  • Developed a library of sound and visual effects for various projects.
  • Created new royalty-free music and videos to save 25% on production costs.
  • Captured high-quality videos and photographs on a consistent basis.
  • Reviewed commercial scripts and discussed the needs and specifications of the video shoot with the production team.

Video Editor August 2014 – March 2018

Brick Marketing, Boston, MA

  • Collaborated with the Chief Video Editor to organize and manage footage on the server.
  • Participated in content planning and creation for all social media platforms.
  • Used animation and video editing skills along with sound mixing to create engaging video content.
  • Operated DSLR and the camcorder in 15+ live events such as musical shows and weddings.
  • Synchronized and stored video files in the right computer directory.

Bachelor of Fine Arts October 2010 – July 2014

New York Film Academy, New York City, NY

  • Received the Gold Medal in the University Student Cinematography Contest for my short film, “The Mystery.”
Hard Skills
  • Premiere Pro
  • Video/Photo Editing
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Animation Pro
  • Graphic design
  • Blender
  • Version
  • Sculpting
  • Transcription
  • Video music editing
  • News editing
  • Voice over editing
Soft Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration
  • Storytelling
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Negotiation
  • Visually Representing Ideas
  • Collaboration
  • Communication