Best Resume Builders You Must Try in 2022

Are you a person who is looking to apply for jobs in 2022? Are you looking for good tools like resume Builders to create your resumes? Then you have come to the best place. In this article, we bring you a review of the Best Resume Builders you can experience in 2022. The best part is that all of these resume builders were reviewed by a team of career experts.

We have tested and reviewed both free and paid resume Builders and all reviews are fair and unbiased. So if you are looking for a good resume builder, do not waste your valuable time trying out all the resume builders available on the internet. Read our Resume Builder Review and decide for yourself which Resume Builder is best for you.

Best resume builders for professionals in 2022












      Resume Genius







      Resume Build


      Cultivated Culture

(01) Resumoz Resume Builder

Resumoz! Yeah That’s us. But that’s not the reason why we’re #1 on this list. According to the resume builders we have just analyzed, there is no free service that will eventually give you a good resume as we provided via Resumoz online resume builder. Many Resumoz users have told us that they have chosen this resume builder as their favorite, because of its template quality and easy-to-understand process.

In addition to these services, Resumoz maintains a career blog. Through it, you can get ultimate career-related knowledge for absolutely free. Many of our website users have read these articles and told us that they have succeeded in their careers.

Resumoz Resume Builder

Why Resumoz is the #1 Resume Builder?

  • Cover Letter Builder included
  • Highly customizable
  • Have dozens of resume and cover letter templates to choose from
  • Can easily drag and drop your information
  • PDF downloads are available
  • Live preview

Resumoz Pricing

  • It’s 100% free


  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 5.0

(02) SweetCV Resume Builder

SweetCV is a resume builder that has not received much attention from the job seekers but deserves a lot of attention. According to our Career Expert team, this is a very good and easy to handle tool to build your own resume. It gives you the opportunity to make a resume for absolutely free. SweetCV allows you to create highly customizable resumes and CVs in no time.

SweetCV Resume Builder

What do we like about SweetCV Resume Builder?

  • It’s free
  • Can create multiple resumes.
  • Cover letter builder available.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Drag and drop feature available.
  • Can change the appearance.
  • Downloads available in PDF.
  • Ability to view the print preview.
  • Can get a shareable link.
  • Multiple languages.

What we don’t like about SweetCV Resume Builder?

  • SweetCV branding –  At the bottom of the downloaded PDF there is SweetCV’s logo which we have no way to remove.
  • Sign-up is required to build a resume.
  • Template designs need to be improved.

SweetCV Templates

  • Seven free resume templates

SweetCV’s Pricing

  • 100% free


  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.5

(03) ResumeNerd Resume Builder

ResumeNerd is an easy-to-use resume builder that can recommend to anyone who is looking to get done their resume in a quick time. However, this is not a free resume builder at all.

In terms of our user experience, creating a resume with this builder is a lot of fun. As a result, you will never get tired of using ResumeNerd to create your resume. However, before you can create a resume, you must first create a free account. So you can save your resume while you create it.

They offer eight resume templates that have been approved by recruiters. There are pre-written bullet points, so even a work experience section can be easily created. Another feature we loved about ResumeNerd is that it has a spell checker, which may help you create a resume that is free of errors. resume builder

What do we like about ResumeNerd?

  • Spell checker
  • Pre-written bullet points
  • Can insert additional sections
  • All templates are highly customizable (color / font / layout)
  • Download options (.pdf / .docx / .html / .txt)

Templates in ResumeNerd

  • No free resume templates
  • 8 templates

ResumeNerd’s Pricing

  • 14-Day Trial Offer – $1.75 (Auto renewal after 14-day trial at $24.75 every four weeks)
  • 1 Year Plan – $8.33 per month
  • 3 Month Plan – $19.99 per month


  • Difficulty – VERY EASY
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.5

(04) Zety Resume Builder

Zety resume builder is considered as the king of resume industry. Zety is actually a top notch resume builder. But unfortunately it is not a free service. It is a very valuable tool for professionals to build their resumes. Zety really makes it easy for anyone to make a resume.

Zety resume builder has the ability to provide ready made contents, summary samples and work experience bullet points relevant to your job title. Not only that, if you have a resume that you have already made, you can upload it to the Zety website and you will be able to edit through Zety editor. With so many customization options offered, you can get a job-winning and ATS-friendly resume at the end through Zety resume builder.

However, when you go to their resume builder dashboard they will ask you to choose the resume builder version. It is better to pick the new Zety version as it has more features. 

Zety Resume Builder

What do we like about Zety Resume Builder?

  • Easy Process
  • 18 templates to choose from
  • Tips are provided in each step
  • Pre-written examples
  • Suggests skills relevant to the job title
  • Full customization ability
  • Cover letter builder
  • Can upload an existing resume and edit
  • Download options – PDF | Word | Txt

What we don’t like about Zety Resume Builder?

  • It’s not free
  • Can not drag and drop the social links & skills
  • Subscription automatically renews
  • To cancel the subscription you need to email or contact them via hotline.

Zety Resume Templates

  • No free resume templates at all
  • 18 templates (paid)
  • But all templates are highly customizable

Zety’s Pricing

  • 14-Day Full Access – $2.70
  • Monthly Access – $5.95


  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.0

(05) Novoresume Resume Builder

According to our team of career experts, Novoresume is one of the best resume builders that you can find online. It has an advanced resume builder which provides you the ability to customize your resume like a pro. Of all the resume builders we’ve tested so far, the most beautiful resume templates we saw were in Novoresume. There are 8 templates that can be found at Novoresume.

However, you are required to sign-up for a free account before building a resume. We hope you enjoy and never be frustrated by this service. Because this is really a great resume builder. Note that if you could upgrade your account as a premium, you will be met with more fabulous features.

Novoresume Resume Builder

What do we like about Novoresume Resume Builder?

  • Lot of features for FREE
  • Live preview
  • Live feedback with “Content Optimizer” feature
  • Can change the theme color of each template with a single click
  • Premium features also can be tested with a free account
  • Can add a background to resume templates
  • Can be downloaded in PDF format
  • Tips are provided

What we don’t like about Novoresume Resume Builder?

  • Sign-up required to create a resume.
  • Little bit difficult to understand the UI (But once you get used to it, it will not be a problem for you)
  • No pre-written examples

Novoresume Resume Templates

  • 8 resume templates
  • All of them are free
  • Beautiful and creative designs
  • ATS-friendly

Novoresume’s Pricing

  • 1 month – $16
  • 3 months – $29.99
  • 12 months – $89.99

They won’t automatically charge you at the end of your premium period. They have the payment options via and Therefore, all the transactions are 100% secure.


  • Difficulty – EASY
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ |5.0

(06) Resume Genius Resume Builder

Resume Genius is also one of the giants in the industry. It provides you the environment to create resumes and cover letters under one roof. You can create a resume for free but unfortunately it does not allow you to download the created resume for free. It has a library of resume templates. But all the resume templates we see here are very classic.

If you are looking for modern resume templates or are applying for modern technological jobs, then this is not the right resume builder for you. But it is also one of the best resume builders you can find on the internet for anyone applying for a traditional job or for anyone looking for classic resume templates.

Resume Genius Resume Builder

What do we like about Resume Genius?

  • Downloads available in both Word and PDF
  • Pre-written bullet points
  • Cover letter builder (This will actually generate you a tailored cover letter. Impressive)

What we don’t like about Resume Genius?

  • No free options
  • Lack of modern resume templates
  • Time consuming process (step-by-step editor)
  • No resume preview option until the final step

Resume Genius Templates

  • 17 premium resume template
  • 0 free templates

Resume Genius Pricing

  • 14 days trial plan – $2.95 (Automatically renews every 4 weeks if you do not cancel)
  • Monthly plan – $24.95
  • Pro subscription (Annual) – $95.40


  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ | 3.5

(07) Resume Builder

According to our resume builder reviewers is considered as one of the best resume builders that has a great UI/UX. When we reviewed this tool we found that making a resume with this tool is a lot more convenient to use than other renowned online resume builders. Though it provides quality resume templates, unfortunately this is also a paid resume builder. Only you can download your resume in .TXT format for FREE. If you need to make a cover letter, has a cover letter builder too. Resume Builder

What do we like about

  • Can get a sharable link for free
  • The progress bar (It shows how much complete your resume is)
  • Live preview
  • Impressive UI/UX

What we don’t like about

  • Sign up for a free account required to create a resume.
  • Minimum customization ability (such as line spacing and theme color)
  • Not at least a single free resume template Templates

  • 18 premium resume template
  • 0 free templates
  • 2 out of 18 templates can be downloaded in DOCX format Pricing

  • 7 days trial subscription – $2.95 (After the completion of 7 days it will auto renews to $24.95 and if you do not cancel, it will be recurring and billed every 4 weeks)
  • 6 months – $44.95 (One time fee / non recurring)
  • 12 months – $74.95 (Non recurring fee)


  • Difficulty – Very Easy
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.5

(08) EnhanCV Resume Builder

EnhanCV is a great tool to make your resume online. It offers you a ONE FREE opportunity to build your resume for free with multiple resume templates. However, sadly it comes to you with EnhanCV branding. But after your free time expires, you need to upgrade your account if you need to make any modification to your resume.

EnhanCV also provides you with tons of industry examples from different job industries. You can use those examples directly into the editor and you will be allowed to make necessary changes and download as it is like tailor made to yourself.

When we reviewed this resume builder, we were able to find that enhancv has some unique features such as resume translation service and most importantly your resume could be critiqued by your friends. These are some cool features that we can see in enhancv.

EnhanCV Resume Builder

What do we like about EnhanCV?

  • A huge amount of industry resume examples
  • Can translate your resume into selected languages
  • Can change backgrounds, colors, sections, icons, and templates
  • Content analyzer gives instant feedbacks on common resume mistakes such as typos
  • Can share the resume among your friends and get it critiqued by them.
  • Download in PDF format 

What we don’t like about EnhanCV?

  • Sign-up required to make a resume
  • The free downloadable PDF has EnhanCV branding (To remove it you need to upgrade to a premium account)
  • Can create and download only one resume for FREE

EnhanCV Templates

  • 6 resume template
  • 0 free templates

EnhanCV Pricing

  • $14.99/month ($44.97 billed quarterly)
  • $19.99/month ($19.99 billed monthly)
  • $10.99/month ($65.94 billed once every 6 months)
  • Resume translation service ($20 per each language)


  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.0

(09) Visual CV Resume Builder

Visual CV is a resume builder that you can use with limited features. But if you can upgrade your account as a premium account, you can get better features. Visual CV has two editors as basic and visual. According to our opinion, the basic editor is easy and convenient to use. Visual editor is a little bit confusing.

However, if you create and download a resume from a free account, it includes Visual CV branding. It will often be a factor that causes you to fail the ATS scan. So you definitely need to go for a premium account if you have an intention of using VisualCV resume builder.

Visual CV Resume Builder

What do we like about VisualCV?

  • Pre-written resume examples
  • Can change appearance,font, colors etc.
  • Shows the resume complete percentage
  • Indicates the percentage completed
  • Can import your current resume
  • Resume shareable link (Premium feature)

What we don’t like about VisualCV?

  • Download options – PDF (This contains VisualCV branding. To remove it you need to upgrade to a premium account)

VisualCV Templates

  • 20 resume template
  • 2 out of 20 are free templates

VisualCV Pricing

  • $12/month (Billed quarterly)
  • $18/month (Billed monthly)


  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.0

(10) Resume Build Online Builder

Wow! This is a great resume builder. This resume builder allows you to create your resume in 5 minutes. ResumeBuild offers you a clean and easy process to make your resume. According to our career expert team, this resume Builder has done their development using the latest technology. Not only that, but also their real-time preview and pre-written resume examples make it very easy for you to create a resume using this tool.

However, their homepage states that they have more than 20 resume templates. But we were only able to find 17 resume templates. However it must be said that all those resume templates are ATS friendly templates. But unfortunately this is not a service you can get for free. Yet comparing to other resume builders, the price of Resume Build is reasonable.

Resume Build Online Builder

What do we like about Resume Build?

  • Tips are provided in each step
  • Pre-written resume bullet point examples (according to your career field)
  • Very easy and clean process
  • Resume summary examples provided
  • Can customize the templates (font family, font size, heading size)
  • Ability to add custom sections
  • Can download in PDF & MS Word format

What we don’t like about Resume Build?

  • There are no free resume templates

Resume Build Templates

  • 17 resume templates
  • 0 free templates

ResumeBuild Pricing

  • $1.95/month (7-Day Full Access)
  • $7.95/month (Monthly Access)


  • Difficulty – Very Easy
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 5.0

(11) Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Cultivated culture is an advanced resume builder. It has 8 beautifully designed resume templates. Every change you make is shown live in the preview screen on the right side. Due to the attractive finish of that resume builder and resume templates, it has become the favorite resume builder for many job seekers.

As we experienced with other resume builders, here also they required us to create an account to download the resume created. But they gave us the opportunity to download the resume for free, which we did not expect at all.

After all, we previewed the resume we downloaded to see if it even had the Cultivated Culture logo on it.

This is unbelievable. There is no branding of them in that resume. Impressed! It’s great to have a great service like this for free.

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

What do we like about Cultivated Culture?

  • Tips are provided in each step
  • Pre-written resume bullet point examples (according to your career field)
  • Very easy and clean process
  • Resume summary examples provided
  • Customizable templates (font family, font size, heading size)
  • Ability to add custom sections
  • Downloads available in PDF & MS Word format

What we don’t like about Cultivated Culture?

  • There are no free resume templates

Cultivated Culture’s Resume Templates

  • 17 resume templates
  • 0 free templates

Cultivated Culture’s Pricing

  • $1.95/month (7-Day Full Access)
  • $7.95/month (Monthly Access)


  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Our Rating – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 4.5

What is a Good Resume Builder?

A resume builder is a platform that facilitates you to create a resume via online. Resume builders let you plug in the details and create a coherent resume. When creating a resume, they will properly structure the information you provide into pre-prepared resume templates and allow you to download.

So we do not need the designing skills or a software to make a resume. Only thing that you must do is to prepare your resume materials. It’s never been easier to create a winning resume like we do now with online resume builders.

Factors we considered at our Resume Builder Review


No matter how beautifully resume builders build your resume and give you the ability to download it for free, we conclude that if the resume you get in the end is not ATS Friendly, then that resume builder is not suitable for making your resume. So we do not include such resume builders in this list of best resume builders of 2022. All these services on our list will undoubtedly be provided with ATS friendly resumes.


We believe that a resume builder user must not be confused due to the difficulty or UI issue. We value easy-to-use resume builders in our resume builder review and we ranked them up. Sometimes users get confused in the middle of the resume building process. We identified them and gave a less score for those builders.

Resume Templates

A good resume builder should have many options to choose different resume templates from. If there is only a single template or less amount of resume templates we picked them as not good. Not only the quantity but we have checked for the resume template’s quality. A team of our carrier experts and specialized graphic designers have come together to test the design of each template and give marks to those designs. Those marks also have been used to rank our best resume builder list in 2022.


We all know that even though we are good at our job field, we often do not have the knowledge to write a resume properly. So the developers of these resume builders must understand this and guide people who do not know how to write a resume. It can often be by giving hints, tips, or giving suggestions. Some other websites will teach you how to write a resume correctly through a blog page. We consider these kind of resume builders that provide such support as good.

Additional services

Did you know that some resume builders are providing additional services in addition to the resume builder? You might wonder what they are. FYI most of the resume builders in 2022 have come up with additional services such as cover letter builders, resume review services, professional resume writing services etc. So in our best resume builder list we have given a higher rank to the resume builders those with additional features and services.

Why do we need to use an Online Resume Builder in 2022?

A well-formatted and perfectly written resume is a necessary factor for you to get hired in 2022. So you need to make your resume perfect to secure your career in 2022. But do you understand how to write a resume correctly and scientifically? And are we able to make our resume according to the correct standards with the ability of beating the Applicant Tracking Systems? Do we know how to format a resume in a well-organized way?

The answer most probably will be: NO

And, that’s why we need online resume builders to make our resumes standout. In the present world most of the big companies use an ATS system to streamline their hiring process. Each and every resume goes and filtered via an ATS software which has been provided with the job requirements. So with this method, at least 95% of the resumes do not even reach the recruiter.

But if you use one of the best resume builders from the above list, you will have a chance to get into the 5% of successful resumes easily.

Resume builders know how to format a resume

A resume builder is an environment that allows us to build our resumes. All we have to do is enter our information in the given fields. Eventually you will receive an ATS Friendly and well-organized resume. These resumes have a higher possibility of getting past the Applicant Tracking System.

It saves your precious time

A resume builder would definitely save your time. You don’t need to waste hours trying to design your resume. If you have the resume content in your hand, you can get your resume done in minutes.

It requires no designing skills and software

Actually, you don’t need designing skills and designing software anymore to build your resume. You just need a device and an internet connection. That’s all.

Low cost

There are many free resume builders available on the Internet. Even if you use a paid resume builder, it’s cheaper than hiring a professional resume writer. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write a resume. All these resume builders will simply guide you from the beginning on how to design a job-winning resume in 2022.

Tons of resume templates to choose from

With a single click you have the chance to change the look of your resume with online resume builders. If you are not satisfied with a resume template, then you are free to go for another. But if you design or create the whole resume template by yourself, you will not be able to do this.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Building a resume is something you can do alone in 2022 without any others assistance. Most of the online resume builders are very easy-to-use. You do not need to have any technical knowledge or some kind of an educational qualification to handle online resume builders.